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How to recover a Control-M Version 8 job that was accidentally deleted in planning area.

December 17, 2014

Recently I was working on documentation for my production environment. I was clicking through some of the folders and looking at jobs. I came across a few jobs that were decommissioned a few months back. I went to delete these out of the folder in planning section. In the process of highlighting multiple jobs, I accidentally deleted one of my production jobs in the process.  This led me to learn how to recover a deleted job(s) from my planning production environment. In fact I had a good colleague that had the same incident happen to him and he had to work magic in his Control-M database to recover his jobs. Hope these directions below can make it simple for those who have made the same mistake as I have.

When discovering you deleted a production job. Go to the planning selection and then click on the Tools icon. Then click on Versions. After clicking on the Versions icon click on the correct Control-M you are using then select the folder that the job was deleted from. Then use a previous days date before the jobs were deleted. Then click on the Deleted Items from the Change Type: menu. After this select Restore in the bottom right.


Notice the job has the word Deleted in the Change Type field. Make sure this is the job you were missing and then click restore. This will bring a the job back in alone in a folder that was named the folder as it was in before it was deleted. Make sure you copy the job once it is restored. Get rid of the folder that it restored in then go back to the folder it was missing from and paste it back into the folder where it was originally Then check this change back in and now you will have your job back.Image3


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