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How to create a Control-M for Cloud VMWare Account (How to install Control-M for Cloud Part 2)

December 18, 2014

First proceed to your Configuration Manager and right click on the Control-M Cloud module and go to Connection Profile Management. Then click the + for a new profile. Give your profile a name then click the dropdown to the VMware selection.




Now in the account creation page you will notice several fields that you need to fill in. This information will be provided by your VMware VCenter application owner. The fields include the Web Services Server Host Name, Web Services Server Port, Service Path. These fields will build out the Server URL that the Control-M for Cloud module/agent it will use to communicate with VCenter. Also you can use the check marks to turn SSL on or off, use the default listening port for VCenter, and to use the Default Service Path. If you need to use SSL reach out to BMC Support for assistance for how to import the SSL configuration file into the agent server the Control-M for Cloud module resides on. Also there is information related to importing the SSL configuration file on the BMC website. If you aren’t required to use SSL just do not check “Use SSL”. The last three fields will include the Username and password that Control-M for Cloud will use to access VCenter.



In my shop we used an existing control-m system account and password. The VCenter admin gave it the appropriate rights and access to be used in VCenter. In some cases the VMware admin can limit which three categories (Power Tasks, Snapshot Tasks, Configuration Tasks) of Control-M for Cloud the system account will have rights to execute. Also another thing I wanted to point out is in the beginning of our testing phase the admin only granted me rights to execute Power Tasks. As things start moving along the system account will eventually have rights to execute Snapshot operations as well. This is fine because it all depends on what your IT shop needs you to accomplish for them. At this time our shop just needs to automate reboots at odd hours. Eventually we hope to be involved with executing snapshots as well.


Once you have all the information you need click test and if everything authenticates without issue you will see a popup windows with a green check mark letting you know the connection is good. If you do not get this green check mark then you will have to continue to work with your VMware admin to work through the connection issues. Just remember it’s going to be something simple such as firewall issues, port issues, or you just fat fingered something in the account information field. So keep it simple when troubleshooting your Control-M for Cloud account setup issues. If you are dealing with SSL you might run into some issues such as incorrectly import the SSL file by making a mistake in your import script or your VMware admin might have give you the wrong SSL file to import. I recommend if you get stuck just turn your logging on and pipe out the proc logs and open a ticket with BMC Support to help you narrow down your issues. I recommend doing this anytime you get stuck with any type of setup for a Control-M module. BMC Support will help you get through any type of issue.



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