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Ever since I came into the IT field, I have been working with Control-M. I really enjoy working with the product because there is so much you can do with this wonderful tool and there is always something new to learn about it. Also the new modules BMC adds to Control-M keeps you upbeat on the latest technology in IT. In my spare time I love to golf and do any type of activity outside. At the same time I also don’t mind hibernating which includes reading biographies and watching movies. I hope you enjoy my blog posts and hope they help you solve some of your Control-m road bumps in your journey to learning Control-M.

  1. Joe Goldberg permalink

    Hi Control-M Newbie. I’d liek to tell you that you are not alone and there is a lot of help around from other users and from BMC.

    If you would like to contact me, I would be happy to discuss your issues, share whatever I know that can help you and point yo uin the right directio.

    • Hi Joe. I am in a unique situation. I am new to IT and working with computers on this level and also a control-m newbie as well. I am doing a lot of scheduling of ETL jobs. Me and my boss have been hitting a lot of roadblocks. I really want to get over this this steep learning curve! Thanks for posting.

    • Sounds great I will email you from work tomorrow. How did you stumble upon my blog?

    • Sounds great. How did you stumble upon my blog?

  2. Joe Goldberg permalink

    Hi Alex,

    You certainly do have a lot to absorb and I would like to help. If you are willing, we can have a conference call/Webex to discuss your issues. If I can help you with a few of them and maybe get you a template or two to work with, it could help.

    Let me know if you want to spend some time to discuss and work on your challenges.

  3. And Alex I’m a BMC Control-M specialist in Atlanta. I will be happy to answer whatever questions you have. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.

  4. Jay permalink

    Alex, just read your post: How to Install Control-M For Cloud with AmazonEC2, do you have How-to post that extends your above post in using the Job Type: AmazonEC2, for example, execute an .exe sitting EC2?

    • Hi Jay! Sorry for the late response. I do not have any information on that particular module.

  5. Robert Sharpe permalink

    Brilliant a Control- M blog – I am going to search it see if you have an Architecture section

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