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Being a control-m newbie is tough!!

July 11, 2012

The BMC control-m is used by  a few thousand IT professionals through out the world. There are other batch automation schedulers that software companies sell. However BMC’s product control-m happens to be ranked the number 1 batch automation scheduler across the board, it’s ranking are head and shoulders against the competition! There has been alot of thought and effort into the design and it really shows. This tool is very powerful and can really do alot for you once you learn how to use it. I agree with the number 1 ranking Control-m is a very unique scheduling software! And I am glad that I am learning how to use the best batch automation scheduler in the world. It’s very complex and not easy to learn, however once you get past the learning curve it can do wonders for you and your IT department at your company.  The software was originally designed by the Israeli military back in the 1980’s for their mainframe jobs. Eventually it was sold to private companies and eventually  BMC purchased the software rights for it’s company.

  1. Joe permalink

    Very tough! Great initiative to get out there with this blog.

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