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Control-m Newbie “Networking, blogging and asking questions has led me to setup Filewatcher jobs”

July 17, 2012

Recently I edited my blog titled “Being control-m newbie is tough”. Mainly due to the fact my frustrations with the learning curve sounded as if I disliked the product. Personally I am NOT A Hater of BMC or control-m! I think BMC is a top notch company and their product control-m rocks!! I really do see the benefits and the capabilities of control-m. It’s awesome. I get so excited when I learn something new. I am hungry for knowledge and to be able to implement new things I come across, just excites me! In the future I might come across frustrated on my blogs, this is just a normal part of learning new software on the fly! The good thing is I am learning.

The learning curve is tough for control-m because it has so many particular steps for setting up new jobs. The cool thing is though once you learn these steps it becomes second nature. It will take time but eventually a newbie like myself will get there. Tonight I learned alot from nice control-m expert from the BMC community. I actually found the user in the BMC forums and contacted the user. Very helpful and loves control-m and loves helping young newbies like myself. WIN WIN for me!! (Make sure to get involved in the BMC forums in the control-m group on their website) We talked about setting up file watcher jobs and then how to kick off a SSIS package once the file is located. The user went through a step by step process  in the set up menu. Very blessed to have such a nice person take the time to help me! I also realized the two jobs that I have been struggling with do not need powershell scripts to kick off the next step in the job. These next steps can be set up inside of the control-m desktop application. It was worth networking in the control-m community there are lots of knowledgeable folks out there. Don’t be afraid to reach out that’s what they are there for.

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  1. That’s the power of the “crowd” 🙂 Social media is more than just “I’m eating lunch!” status updates, it really the next generation of sharing and indexing vast amounts of knowledge through personalized rules (i.e., who you know or who you follow).

    Great work with the blog; keep it up! Great to see folks getting interested in data center automation and workload automation — they really are the “hot” IT operations fields nowadays!

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