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Control-m With Big Al overcomes rookie mistake and explains how to make changes to jobs already uploaded into the Enterprise-Mananger.

July 26, 2012

I decided to blog about this because I made a simple mistake recently when trying to make a easy change to a job already loaded and scheduled in the Enterprise-Manager. I thought it would be nice to write about the proper procedure. This is another example of meticulous procedure of control-m. Now that I know the right way to do this it’s not so bad. Let me explain to you how to correct a job that’s already loaded and scheduled in the EM so you will know how to do this simple task in the future.

You need to login into your control-m desktop account. Click file, select load jobs from control-m/EM. Select the table that has the job(s) that needs the correction. Click Load, shortly afterwards a Load Table Results Window will appear. It will say Table name and jobs successfully loaded/unsucessfully loaded. This time lets say they are successfully loaded. Now the job will appear on the local workspace. (Make sure to use local workspace)  Double Click on the job step you need to make the correction(s) to. A window will appear with ten tabs to make changes to the job by. In this case I am wanting to change a email address for a job owner. This is done in the STEPS Tab. After the change is made click Save/Close. Now you will be back on your local workspace. Click write jobs to control-m/EM. Here it will sit for others to see and add other changes or sit for review by your superior. If it is fully correct go ahead and upload the job. Select Tools, then click Table Manager. Highlight the table this particular job is under and click Upload @ the top of the menu screen. Since I made changes using this procedure they will be added for the next day at time cutoff that the control-m servers are set by. There is a way to make changes immediately without waiting on the cutoff time and also a way to make temporary changes in the Enterprise-Manager that are in effect until the cutoff time. I am not going to explain those tonight maybe some other blog post. FYI If you don’t know your control-m server cutoff times, ask because they are not all set to midnight.

When I tried to go about this I just loaded jobs from the EM into the Desktop made the changes and Saved and Closed. If you do this your corrections will never be added to your job(s). Make sure you remember to make changes ,then Write the job then Upload the job from the Table Manager back into the Enterprise/Manager.

Hope this helps other control-m users out there that stumble across my blog.

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