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Twenty-Five years old and a BMC control-m Padawan and a SQL Padawan.

February 4, 2013

Today is my birthday, which means I turn twenty-five. And also a lot of birthday wishes from friends and family. One of the few young people I know my age that is in the SQL Database realm wished me a happy birthday and called me a “SQL Padawan” . A Padawan is the title given to young Jedis in training to become a Jedi knight.  In Star Wars that train in Yoda’s Jedi Academy. At a certain point the top performers or most gifted Padawans are picked by a Jedi Master to instruct him or her in the ways of the force and help him or her become a Jedi knight. The goal is to pass the training your instructor gives you. Once this is completed the Padawan advances to Jedi Knight.  ( I realized today that last year I was asked to learn control-m and SQL. Yes I am getting closer to being good at control-m Admin. Once I get my scheduling training I will have completed half of my training but will still be behind with SQL. I keep realizing that I am going to have to learn SQL whether I like it or not. I have the educational tools to be on a medium level with SQL. It is all up to me if I want to be good at SQL or just know enough to talk about it and do basic queries. It’s funny to me that I know more about SQL than the average IT professionals yet barely dabble in it. You would think it would motivate me to keep increasing the amount of knowledge I have about SQL. I guess this blog is a start and realization where I should be and where I will be after more effort is applied. Turning twenty-five has already opened my eyes more. It also made me realize that my mentor or Jedi Master/SQL Expert who has already completed so many things in the SQL world. He is also very respected for his knowledge and work ethic. He has picked me as his Padawan for a reason. And also I realized today the only thing keeping him from being a complete Jedi Master is he hasn’t made his first Padawan a Jedi Knight of SQL skills. I think once I get up to par, it will help my career and make me a Jedi Knight in the SQL world, but it will also make Tim Radney a complete Jedi Master in the SQL community.

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