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Young control-m Administrator knows that the BMC Support team has his back.

February 1, 2013

It’s been a while since my last blog entry and it is way over due. After numerous issues and situations that were out of my control or above me. This control-m project is finally on course and making headway. My skill set has remarkably improved. I would call myself a subpar administrator of control-m instead of somebody thrown into the fire of workload automation. This being mainly because of my relentless pursuit of knowledge on the product and the good people down in Texas working in the BMC Support area. We get a long great because they are relentless as I am about getting work done in a timely fashion. BMC Support is very professional and will help you and your teammates with anything BMC product related you need. Another thing that makes them standout to me is sometimes when things are downloading they make awesome conversation. You can tell these folks enjoy what they are doing and really want to make sure your BMC product is back up to par. I am such a rookie to workload automation it can be overwhelming at times, especially being a young control-m Administrator with a mile long to do list. It makes me feel more confident knowing BMC Support has my back!

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